2001 Stoneburner Reunion at Creekside

The back side of CreekSide made up from images at CreekSide! Click on photo for a larger version (120k). If you want to see super-detail, try the (513k) version.
Here's the status so far... for the first time ever, we've been able to collect hundreds and hundreds of photographs. That meant selecting, color correcting, documenting, and posting them. There're over 40 megabytes in pictures online. We're still working out the details of making things user friendly without swamping bandwidth.

Here is a quick set of thumbnails until we get things straighted out. It will take a moment to load.

You can also take a quick gander at the new photo album for 2001. However, it is quite large at this moment. One new thing is that people's names are clickable.

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