Family Reunions

Of all the gifts his Maker
   has bestowed upon man,
None is more precious than
   his ability to love another.

     ~ The Outer Limits
        The Beholder

Stoneburner Reunions

Each summer a Stoneburner reunion to which all Stoneburner descendants, whether closely related to us or not, are invited. It is hosted in Edinburg, Virginia at Creekside, the oldest home in town, currently owned by Ann Stoneburner Laing. Pictures taken at some of the recent Creekside reunions are available here for your viewing. If you are a Stoneburner, married to one, or even a friend of one, please come to our next reunion Sat, 2 Aug 2014. Come afore noon and bring some food or drink to share.

About the Pictures

Pictures were taken by Walt Stoneburner, Paul Stoneburner or Alan Garies using digital cameras. They were uploaded onto Paul's computer from whence they were later sent to this server and cataloged into their current form. Photographs are renamed from their camera-generated names into "YYMMDD-HHMMx.jpg" format using the camera-recorded date and time to facilitate directory sorting. We have attempted to keep the photographs in chronological order, merging images from the various cameras. This technique depends on the cameras' clocks being in sync which, unfortunately, was not always the case, especially at the earliest reunions when this complication had not yet been experienced nor anticipated. So, in some instances, an event is pictured which occurred prior to the previous photo. This happens when two cameras with out-of-sync clocks were used. Another consequence of this technique can be seen when two (or more) cameras are being simultaneously used on opposite ends of the property, even if their clocks are synchonized. This makes it appear that the photographer (singular) was running back and forth between pictures!

If you have pictures from older reunions not represented here, please either email me scanned copies or bring photos to the next reunion where I can scan them.


Higher resolution copies (more pixels for better prints) of many of the older photos are available for the asking. Just send e-mail to Paul giving the names of the photo(s) wanted.

Select a Stoneburner Reunion

Years currently online:

2015 Sat 1 Aug
2014 Sat 2 Aug
2013*Sat 3 Aug
2012 Sat 4 Aug
2011 Sat 6 Aug
2010 Sat 7 Aug
2009 Sat 8 Aug
2008 Gary Laing - Celebration of Life
2008 Sat 16 Aug
2007 Sat 4 Aug
2006 Sat 5 Aug
2005 Sat 6 Aug
2004 Sat 7 Aug
2003 Sat 2 Aug
2002 Sat 3 Aug
2001 date here
2000 Sat 5 Aug
1999 date here
1998*Sun 2 Aug
1997 Sat 2 Aug
1996 Sun 1 Sep
1995*Sat 2 Aug
1994*Sun 4 Sep
1993*date needed
1992*date needed
1991*Sat 31 Aug

1923 we need your help!

* There are no photos available for these reunions. Anyone have some we can scan and post from these back years? Either contact Big Paul or bring to next reunion.

Knapp Reunions

Until 2003, the descendants of Joseph Homer Knapp (1873-1955) of Baxter, Pa. held a family reunion each summer, usually in Round Hill, Va. just west of Leesburg. 2002 was the last reunion to be held in Round Hill as the hosts were retiring to Pennsylvania.

2007 There was no reunion held in 2007
2006 There was no reunion held in 2006
2005 Hosted by Schrecengosts at Midlothian, VA 23 July
2003 Hosted by Schrecengosts at Midlothian, VA 19 July
2002 Held at Thurston Home 27 July in Round Hill, VA
2001 Held at Thurston Home 23 June in Round Hill, VA .
Sorry, there are currently no earlier photos available.

The project was taken over by Paul Stoneburner on 12-Feb-2000. Please contact him should you need assistance or have something to contribute. We'd especially like to get scans of some older reunion photos.

The Stoneburner reunion area is maintained by Paul Stoneburner and is hosted by Wizard Workshop and Company. Please take a look at our genealogical resources.