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This project, to show the interrelationships of the families of various pioneers, especially at the north end of the Great Valley, is not fully available at this time. Many families are woefully incomplete; only one, two or even zero of many children may be recorded here. However, an index of names contained therein is available for query. Below is a query box in which to enter a search string. Any name or part thereof may be entered. Note that while it is not case sensitive, it does require exact spelling as there is no soundex search implemented. So if you are looking for Walter Hollar, you could enter "Hollar, Walter" or even "llar, wa" but "Holler, Walter" would not yield desired results. Therefore, you should try alternate spellings.
NEW FEATURES: Wildcard (? * +) capability has been added to the search, where "?" stands for any single letter or no letter at all, "*" represents any number of characters, and "+" requires exactly one character in the indicated position. Hence, either "Holl?r" or "Holl+r" will return both "Hollar" and "Holler." Likewise, "Fad?l?y" will return "Fadeley," "Fadely and "Fadley." "Wilkin?" or "Wilkin*" will yield both "Wilkin" and "Wilkins" etc. It is highly recommended that you read the helpful hints about wildcards at least once to get a feeling of the power, capability and subtle differences available.

Data Version of 12 Oct 2018

Search the Children of the Shenandoah master 16.1 Meg index containing over 10,400 Surnames (Enter any name (Last, First) or date (dd mmm yyyy) or any part thereof. NOT case sensitive.)

Note that only the Index is currently on-line, the full database is not, and cannot, therefore, be accessed at this time. There is, however, a significant portion of the data available for testing. Not all members of a family may be reported or reportable currently. Those you are interested in may be there, so give it a try. Email (and snail) inquiries and submissions are welcomed. To keep your e-mail from being zapped by my spam filter, please include "COS" somewhere in the subject line.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Volumes 1 to 11 of Marvin Vann's 1860 Census with Supplemental Data are again in print and available directly from the publisher at prices of $35-40 each, significantly below those asked on eBay, etc. which have often been at or above $100 each when out of print. Click here for description and ordering information.

Format of name is: Last, First Middle with a single space after the surname-comma and between first and middle names. It may be of interest to query on only the surname in which case you probably wish to follow it with a comma e.g. "Lastname,". Try it both with and without to see why. You may also wish to begin with a leading space to exclude long surnames which have the short one you're looking for embedded within. e.g. " Burner" vs. "Burner" in order to exclude "Stoneburner".

Married females are listed under both maiden and all married surnames. In the case of the latter, their maiden name follows in parentheses. [e.g. Smith, Martha Ellen (Jones)] Nicknames are also indexed and may be recognized as such because they are followed by a quotation mark; [e.g. Jones, Bobby" ]. Sometimes searching on just a first name is useful, particularly if it is not common. Don't necessarily assume a name is too common. "Jodi", for example, yields less than a half dozen hits. Also, if you want only Sam don't query for "Sam" as that will also return all the "Samuel"s. Instead, add a space and query for 'Sam ' (or 'Sam"' depending on whether Sam is a "real" name or nickname). If only a particular gender is wanted, enter lastname preceded by gender and two spaces (e.g. "f . smith,"). Again, we recommend you read the helpful hints.

Dates may also be searched. For example, how many births or deaths occurred on your birthday? Format for dates is "DD MMM YYYY". Single digit days are space-digit (e.g. " 7") rather than zero-digit (e.g. "07"). Again, you might search on a specific date: "31 Jan 1971", or within the decade: "31 Jan 197", or the month: "Jan 1971", or day: "31 Jan", even month within century: "Jan 17" (alt: "Jan 17++"), etc.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the many contributors who have submitted revisions and additions for these pages. These enhance their content and accuracy and thereby increase their overall value and usefulness for others.

All genealogical information on this site is available without charge (and without annoying pop-up ads). However, small donations from satisfied users are gratefully accepted to help defray the materials and transportation expenses of collecting this information. Even more valued, however, would be your contribution of new data and corrections.


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