Stoneburner Reunion 1923

Edgemont Park - Aug 9, 1923 - by Universal Panoramic Photo Co. 28 N. 12 St., Allentown, PA

[Panoramic Photo - 39K+]
In 1923 there was a Stoneburner Reunion in Pennsylvania. These are not the Stoneburners from the Shennadoah. However, there's strong ancedotial evidence that the two Stoneburner branches are linked by two brothers who came over from Germany long ago.

The hope is that someone on the Internet will recognize the above picture, someone it in, or have some piece of information that will result in finding the missing link.

Click on a section of the picture to zoom in on a segment of a high resolution shot. Each person has been numbered; if you know a person, please contact and reference the number. Discovered parties will be posted here.

153) Sara Louise (Oplinger) Warnken, born: 28-Jun-1902 Moore PA, died: 29-Aug-1985, buried: Little Moore Church
155) Anita (Warnken) Williams, born: , married: , died: , buried:
158) Pauline Warnken, born: , married: , died: , buried:
159) Elmer Agust Warnken, born: 28-Jan-1875 Danelsville PA, married: 26-Jun-1919, died: 22-Feb-1946, buried:

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