Mt. Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church
Mt. Calvary, VA

While photographing the three church record books in Dec of 1959, we came across several items which had been tucked inside the pages. These were also copied and are presented herewith.

The ten questions appear to be a list prepared by someone with the intention of writing a history of the church. I know not whether they were ever answered or whether such a history was produced. Written on tablet paper and deeply darkened with age, it is, however, possible that these questions were the genesis of the 32-page 1951 Centennial booklet.

Also found written on tablet paper are two pages which constitute the recording secretary's notes of a Congregational Meeting held Sunday, 16 Mar 1890. They are signed "D. W?. Sheetz."

The Order of Conducting Sunday Schools was written by Rev. A. L. Couse, printed by Henkel & Co. of New Market and priced at one cent a copy. The bottom line of the cover reads "Office of Our Church Paper and Shenandoah Valley." There is no copyright and, consequently, no date on this pamphlet.

Questions 1-5 re Church
Questions 6-9 re Church
Question 10 & 1st page mtg 16 March 1890
Page 2 of mtg 16 March 1890
Front (Title) & back (Closing Service) - Sunday School
Inside pages (Opening Service) - Sunday School

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