Calvary, VA
Report for 1898 & 1899

These are four pages listing the "Singings" of the Midnight Singing Club written on 7 3/4" x 12 1/4" ruled tablet paper which is now yellowed with age. It is dated Jan. 15, 1900 and was written by Lula V. Sanger, Secretary of the Club, and is addressed (at end) "For Milton Hottle, Manassas Va." Contents enumerate the times and places, usually homes, that the club sang in 1898 and 1899. Unfortunately it does not list the membership nor always give last names.

It is not known for certain that this was a function of the Church, but it most certainly had singers who were members of Mt. Calvary.

These four sheets of paper were held together, not with staple (they had none), but with a 1/4" wide piece of pink ribbon with lace edge which was passed through twice at the top and tied in a bow. When I received it (from CFS estate) the ribbon had deteriorated such that the piece in the back had long since come off and only the front bow and tiny amount that actually passed through the sheets of paper remained in place. The back piece had been tucked between the pages for safekeeping. The slits through which the ribbon passed can be clearly seen on page one just above the "Singings" title and in corresponding position of each subsequent page.

They were mailed in a very ornately embossed envelope to my grandmother Ruth Hoover, 53:2, at Calvary, VA. but the postmark, and therefore date, is not readable. However, careful examination of the postmark appears to be consistant with "Manassas" making it appear it was forwarded by Mr. Hottle in Manassas, to whom it was addressed. Since the paper is dated 15 Jan 1900 and Ruth married (changing her name) and moved to Lantz Mills 3 Jun 1903, it was most certainly mailed between these two dates. There is a note written on the back of the envelope in pencil, but it has become rubbed over the years and the envelope itself has become almost as dark at the message. It is signed "Respectifully W.L.S. Readus" [Walter L Stoneburner] This note, which is almost illegible, may or may not have been added at a much later date.

Names of other people mentioned include:

Robert Armentrout and family
Bruce Armentrout
Gordon Armentrout
Wade Armentrout
Will Armentrout
Mr. Baker [owns an organ]
Mary Baker
Mr. Beachley
Tom Brawner
Will Brawner
Lockie Bushong
Bob Coffman
Millie Conner [plays piano?]
Mr and Miss [sic] Dorman
Kate Fugh
Rev. C. M, Good
Mrs. Green [plays piano]
Willard Green
Mr. Hensley
Hensley boys
Andrew Hockman
Mrs Hottenstine
Lucy Hottle
Milton Hottle
Hubert Johnson
Mr. Jordan (who invited the club to sing in [Nov.?] M. E. church
Gordon Layton
Mrs. Lineweaver
Mr. Moores
Judge Nichol, wife and sister
Luella Rhodes
Mr. Robertson
S. F. Sanger and Bride
Mr & Mrs Steen and children
Mr Urgret?
Mary Wenrich
Frank Whitmer
Riley Whitmer
Tom & Emma Young


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